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Memory, Youth, Political Legacy And Civic Engagement.
This project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme

Expected impacts

The MYPLACE project will contribute towards the expected impacts listed in the ‘Participation and citizenship in Europe’ work programme through its promotion of a major pan-European research project that directly explores how European democracy has emerged historically out of traditions of 'unity in diversity' and maps how young people today are taking up the latest challenge to this process. It does this specifically by:
  1. fostering unity in the EU enlargement process

  2. establishing sustainable scientific networks

  3. countering political extremism and promoting democracy and cohesion

  4.  creating sustainable Youth Policy Advisory Groups

  5.  significantly enhancing understanding of youth civic engagement

  6.  producing new scientific insights via the utilisation of quantitative and qualitative research methods and a multi-disciplinary approach

The ability of MYPLACE to achieve these impacts presupposes a number of conditions. While we would anticipate that the burdens on individual researchers and institutions are likely to increase over the course of the proposed project, due to financial cuts arising from the wider economic situation, in all partner countries there is strong commitment to the production of high quality, critical social science. Inclusion in the kind of pan-European collaborative envisaged by MYPLACE, moreover, would itself strengthen this commitment.
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