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Memory, Youth, Political Legacy And Civic Engagement.
This project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme

Research Outputs

In each country, 2 field sites were selected (see map), with the exception of Germany where 4 sites were used - because of the differing political heritages of East and West.

Deliverable 2.1

Deliverable 2.2

Deliverable 2.3

Deliverable 2.3 National Reports:

Deliverable 2.4 National Reports:

In each field site approximately 600 young people (c.1200 per country, c.2400 in Germany) were surveyed (Work Package 4). The first analysis of this data is presented here:

Deliverable 4.5

The aim of the MYPLACE survey and this report in particular, is to present a general Europe-wide thematic analysis of young people’s views, attitudes and behaviour towards a range of social and political issues. These attitudes and behaviours are analysed across the 30 research locations in 14 countries across Europe.

The findings are arranged under the following themes: political interest, political participation, citizenship, social networks, gender and sexuality, religion, minority groups, understanding of democracy, history and memory, European issues.

Deliverable 4.6

In each field site, approximately 30 in-depth follow-up interviews, (Work Package 5) were conducted with respondents of the survey. First analysis of this interview data is here:

Deliverable 5.3

Deliverable 5.4


Mapping Activism

Throughout the project, each national team will conduct research that allows them to map the range of youth activism in the target region and set this in the context and history of the country as a whole. This involves mapping and describing the space for social activism in each participating country prior to developing a typology of activism that captures both common dimensions across the European space as well as national/regional distinctions.
The specific aims of Work Package 6 are:

Deliverable 6.1

Deliverable 6.2

Deliverable 6.3

Each country completed 2-3 ethnographic case studies of youth activism. This resulted in a final tally of 44 case studies, across a broad range of activist groups:

Deliverable 7.1

Deliverable 7.2


Deliverable 8.3

Deliverable 8.3 National Reports:

Deliverable 8.5


Deliverable 9.4

Deliverable 9.5

Deliverable 9.6

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