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Memory, Youth, Political Legacy And Civic Engagement.
This project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme

Research Outputs

Work Package 2.1 : Country based reports on historical discourse production as manifested in sites of memory

Work Package 2: Interpreting the past (The construction and transmission of historical memory)

Aims and objectives

The main objective of Deliverable 2.1 is to present findings of WP2 research on young people's interpretations of a 'difficult period' in the national/regional history. These interpretations are informed by mainstream, or dominant, historical discourses and transmitted through sites of memory such as museums, archives, libraries and other public institutions working in the field of historical memory. In the regional reports presented below we have aimed to answer the following questions:
  1. How are 'problematic' and 'difficult' periods in the national history represented and interpreted in mainstream/dominant historical discourse?

  2. How do dominant historical narratives (as well as alternative interpretations of the past) impact on the reproduction and representation of the historical memories of the 'problematic past' at the sites of our research?

  3. How are theses historical memories experienced (interpreted, internalised and enacted) by young people?

For more details on the objectives, scope and methodology of these reports, please see the Introduction to Research Output 2.1.

National Reports:

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