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Memory, Youth, Political Legacy And Civic Engagement.
This project is funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme


Project Leaders

Responsibility Name Institution Email
Project Manager Martin Price University of Warwick(UW)
Project Co-ordinator Hilary Pilkington University of Manchester (UM)

Work Package Leaders

Work PackageName Institution Email
WP1 Stocktaking and design Hilary Pilkington University of Manchester(UM)
WP2 Interpreting the past (the construction and transmission of historical memory) Anton Popov University of Warwick(UW)
Dusan Deak University of SS Cyril and Methodius,Trnava (UCM) GZELEZNICA@GMAIL.COM
WP3 Field preparation (Focus groups and expert interviews) Gary Pollock Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
WP4 Measuring participation (Survey) Gary Pollock Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
Tina Zurabishvili Caucasus Research Resource Centers program, Georgia (CRRC) TINA@CRRCCENTERS.ORG
WP5 Interpreting participation (Interviews) David Cairns Centre for Research & Studies in Sociology, ISCTE, Lisbon University Institute (CIES) DC_CAIRNS@HOTMAIL.COM
WP6 Mapping activism Airi Alina Allaste Tallinn University (TLU)
WP7 Interpreting activism (Ethnographies) Phil Mizen University of Warwick (UW)P.A.MIZEN@WARWICK.AC.UK
Hilary Pilkington University of Manchester (UM)
WP8 Policy and impact Marti Taru Tallinn University (TLU) MARTI@IISS.EE
Mick CarpenterUniversity of Warwick (UW)
WP9 Dissemination Gary Pollock Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
Elena Omel'chenko Research Centre Region, Ulianovsk State University (ULSU)
WP10 Management Hilary Pilkington University of Manchester (UM)

Other Contacts

Responsibility Name Institution Email
Chair of Ethics Sub-Committee Julie Scott-Jones Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
Web Management David Liptrot Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

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